The following B&B cast got an Emmy nomination

hopeyougogirl, 5/23/2020, 11:30AM(194 days ago) @PatriotGirl

Good > > > > Thorsten Kaye - Best Actor

Heather Tom - Best Actress
Katherine Kelly Lang - Best Actress
Annika Noelle - Best Supporting Actress

Congrats to all!

I would like to know why AN is in the supporting category when she dominated the episode counts of ALL daytime soaps, and the last 2 years almost exlusively revolved around hope.

Also, did SC turn anything in? He usually does i think.

You are right, AN did top the episode count list for 2019. I have never heard of an actress who led the episode count for the entire year for all the soaps nominating in the supporting catagory.

I have heard of it..JMW did it before AN came along. It's not the first time an actress who dominated the screen and had the highest episode counts of anyone in all soaps and nominated in the supporting category and most likely won't be the last either.

Patriotgirl already posted JMW's supporting actress Emmy reel in this thread from 2018.

The difference is JMW was not the dominant story for nearly the entire year when she went for supporting. Unlike AN that had a story that revolved around her for 8 months and then started another major one once that story was resolved.

Sorry, don't see much difference because the episode counts speak for itself for JMW..she clearly dominated the screen in 2016 and 2017 with the most episode counts and she was involved in most of the major s/l's.

Prior to Hope's return, Bell focused a lot on Steffy..her triangle with the Spencer brothers, her weddings/marriages to them both, her CEO job, her infidelity/ONS, her paternity test, her keeping the secrets etc. So IMO, she should have been entered as the lead actress category before 2019.

Perhaps, seniority has something to do with the Emmy process? KKL and HT are both veterans in soaps where as AN is a newbie.

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