The following B&B cast got an Emmy nomination (General)

by hopeyougogirl, Friday, May 22, 2020, 6:55PM (132 days ago) @ muppetfish

The guidelines are quite clear. To be nominated for the lead your character must be front and center. For example: the baby switch storyline is about Hope’s reaction to losing her child. To help tell her tale we have Flo and Steffy and Thomas and others supporting the storyline getting it to its conclusion. The result is the return of Beth. Annika IS the leading actress. Katherine is the leading actress in her storyline regarding the loss of her marriage to Ridge because of Thomas. Now Annika supported Katherine’s storyline there. But Heather? Fine actress though she is, I believe her storyline was just filler for a mini Flo redemption arc—her illness story just doesn’t compare to what Annika did, nor to what KKL did! It’s as if the show busted Annika down to support in order to give their two senior actresses a shot at the award, or else the period of eligibility has changed or something!

I get what you’re saying, but my point was there were others in the same situation as AN that were indeed in a lead role like JMW was the leading actress in her infidelity/ONS/paternity test s/l that happened at the end of 2017..she was front and center for months, but then she was nominated in the supporting actress category which made no sense to me the time.

Last year in 2019..was the first time JMW was finally switched into the lead actress category. IMO, it doesn’t seemed very clear how they determined which leading players get to be in the leading category or supporting category. Maybe because KKL and HT are veterans in soaps while AN is a newbie compared to them?! IDK.

Jmw got her Emmy in the leading category for exactly the SL you described (paternity test comming out with Liam walking out, to the 'i choose me moment').

I think SC got An Emmy (i could be very wrong about this) for his 'adam and Eve sl' in which jmw did indeed play a supporting role rather than a leading one compared to SC and RS. Imo anyway

I don't quite recall which SL or scenes jmw submitted in the supporting category before these ones. If anybody knows, i'd be interested!

Like I said already her infidelity/ONS s/l actually happened at the end of 2017 (in November), but then she was nominated in the supporting actress category for this major s/l where she was front and center for months.

It wasn’t until 2019, she got moved into lead actress category. Prior to 2019, she was still in the supporting category even though she was already in the lead role with many major s/l’s during 2016-2017.

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