The following B&B cast got an Emmy nomination

BoldReason, 5/21/2020, 9:24PM(194 days ago) @BBDownunder

Thorsten Kaye - Best Actor
Heather Tom - Best Actress
Katherine Kelly Lang - Best Actress
Annika Noelle - Best Supporting Actress

Heather Tom as Best Actress? She had no true storyline! KKL yes! She acted her tail off for the past two years of solid performance, but Heather barely did anything! Was not Annika the leading actor in her storyline? She should have been nominated for Best Actress, not Heather. Compare the number of appearances Annika had vs. that of Heather. How can you make any sort of impact judging on the lack amount of days work regarding the character of Katie? This should be reversed...Heather for support and Noelle for best actress. Annika took a poorly written character and storyline and delivered. It is not her fault nor should she be penalized out of her rightful category for a poorly constructed storyline.

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