The final straw for me is about Ridge (General)

by Barbybo, Friday, March 27, 2020, 5:24AM (11 days ago) @ Dustyrose

That pity kiss Bill landed on Brooke was wrong, but Ridge has been with Shauna for months in his father’s house under the watchful eye of his stepmother whom he made out with a while ago. The fact that Bell chose to have Brooke be the dumping ground to elevate the status of all these other characters is disgusting. I hope KKL gets paid a mint for being the weak, wimpy out of control, desperate character. . Ridge has always been a joke to me so good riddance, but the fact that he gets to have a girlfriend and turn this all on Brooke is ridiculous. I’m so glad I’m done watching. I’ve only watched a dozen times since last year and I no longer record. I’m so happy I broke free because I know the only way Shridge works is if Brooke is still desperate for Ridge. I’m tired of it.

Exactly how I feel! Not recording this drivel and not sure I’ll ever watch again. Same old story with all the hypocrites looking down on Brooke. Especially Ridge.

That’s why rateings were high during virus if anyone turned it on it was same old s scripts ....

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