Heather Tom interview (Spoilers)

by Barbybo, Friday, March 27, 2020, 5:20AM (11 days ago) @ BBDownunder

Heather Tom talks about the kiss video bombshell.

She calls it a moment of weakness (Bill's betrayal with his old fling). Katie loves Brooke and has found in the past that she wasn't capable of cutting Brooke out of her life. Katie did get past the full on affair in the past, but we will see from her reaction to her sister's plea for forgiveness, this could be the last straw. And the fallout is huge.

She goes on say Katie thought Bil's wandering eye was a thing of the past. She had worked her way back to having a confidence in him now, so she's devastated. She feels he is supposed to be committed to her but he proves over and over again that he isn't capable of being faithful.

Heather says: "My thought is that it doesn't look good for Brooke or Bill."

This needs to be the last time this story plays out. It’s ridiculous.

IKR!!!!!!!!!! :grrr

Yea they need to mature Brooke .......she has grown children with children.....

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