That Reveal Was Amazing (General)

by Barbybo, Friday, March 27, 2020, 4:58AM (11 days ago) @ Tressasage
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Brooke, in addition to being a trick, is an absolute fool. She told Quinn she was going to tell Ridge about her kiss with Bill AFTER the party. Even if Ridge hadn't been able to reset the frame, Quinn had the entire length of the party to blow up Brooke's life. As it happened Ridge ironically detonated the bomb Quinn set and now Brooke's world is in flames. I love the smirk face as she watched the tumult begin around her. The Dark Queen's vengeance has been wrought. I can't wait for tomorrow. The fallout should be epic.

I loved seeing how hurt Ridge was and can't wait to see Katie's face. maybe Ridge can find another teddy bear that has a red ribbon. he and Katie could get engaged again. and Eric needs to get ready for some of that Logan loving...

Yes Eric can get ready for some Logan loving.. but he needs to wait his turn. Maybe raise his hand and wait patiently. Once Brooke is done with every other men she will be back to Eric for a sec and then move on. It’s like she is in carousel jumping from one horse to the other unable to decide on which to sit.

while Steffy and Katie are looking on wishing one of those guys would want them.
GO BROOKE!!!! :love

Steffy showed Bill the door as for her father, I don't think so.

I just wish she had shown Bill the door BEFORE she slept with him.

Atleast she kept that door locked and showed sense...unlike Brooke!!

How true..:tv4. I mean it’s time they matured Brooke it’s dumb now...reminds me of blanch on golden gals in a bea Arthur suit except they were really funny ...blanch loved her men and she had same giggle..but she didn’t do married men .. this time Bill ain’t married just her sisters guy ....but Brooke is married for now:lol

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