Question on Taylor (General)

by Tiqui1999 @, Thursday, March 26, 2020, 3:19PM (67 days ago) @ Mariposaa

I know that sanctimonious Taylor isn't on but I'm curious. Was Taylor anything like Brooke when it comes to morals? And let me repeat my words before anyone jumps to a whole new topic about Brooke. Regrading morals was Taylor anything like Brooke?

Has Taylor ever been with Eric married to someone or not. Was she with Thorne? Was she characterless?

Taylor changed at one point during one of her returns. After she started drinking, she went down hill. Yes, she slept through the Forrester family, and the Logan family, too. She was even bar-hopping to get men when she was drinking.

Once when Stephanie was trying to get Eric back, can't remember if they were married, Taylor had an attraction to him. I think they kissed and were in bed together but no sex. Don't hold me to that, but I for some reason remember Stephanie coming in the room, and Taylor cringing beneath the covers. I want to say that stopped the sex, but let someone who remembers better clarify that.

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