That Reveal Was Amazing (General)

by ShirleyB#1, Thursday, March 26, 2020, 3:04PM (10 days ago) @ Tressasage

Brooke, in addition to being a trick, is an absolute fool. She told Quinn she was going to tell Ridge about her kiss with Bill AFTER the party. Even if Ridge hadn't been able to reset the frame, Quinn had the entire length of the party to blow up Brooke's life. As it happened Ridge ironically detonated the bomb Quinn set and now Brooke's world is in flames. I love the smirk face as she watched the tumult begin around her. The Dark Queen's vengeance has been wrought. I can't wait for tomorrow. The fallout should be epic.

If Brooke had behaved better with Quinn and Shauna. I don’t think Quinn would have exposed Brooke. She would have told Brooke or kept it for future use but she wouldn’t have been this mean.
Brooke did this all by herself.. Get off your high horse Brooke!!!

yeah Brooke get off the high horse and get on the Stallion.:love

Which stallion???:lol

that beautiful sexy stallion in the video with her. Love my Brill.

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