Brooke never paid for her last 2 betrayals (General)

by MegsMom, Thursday, March 26, 2020, 2:54PM (132 days ago) @ Zaneygray

She never pays! This time? I will believe it when I see it.

No? She lost Hope when the Oliver "mistake" was exposed. She lost Bridget when the Deacon "mistake" was revealed. She lost Eric when her betrayal with Ridge was outed. She lost Ridge when Thomas faked having sex with her. Her relationship with Bridget was damaged over Nick. Katie walked away from her after the Bill affair was revealed and Ridge walked away from her after hearing about the Bill affair. She lost her children after her rapist spilled a drink on her and she fell asleep in her car. She lost her children after her nervous breakdown. She lost Ridge when he found out about Thomas the baby. There are so many examples of Brooke "losing" on this show.

She didn't lose anyone. All of that was temporary, weeks, days, sometimes even hours.

So I guess there has to be retribution for Brooke's "crimes"? Just out of curiosity, when has Quinn paid for any of the things she's done to others? Even for the briefest amount of time? Did she pay for par boiling Liam in the sauna? Holding a knife to his throat and threatening him? Kidnapping him? Pushing Deacon off the cliffe? Pushing Ivy off the bridge into the river? Threatening Hope while she was pregnant? The list is endless and yet I don't recall Quinn being held accountable for any of it. In comparison to Quinn's actions, Brooke's kiss has calls for her blood in payback. :neutral

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