That Reveal Was Amazing (General)

by partyprincess1, Thursday, March 26, 2020, 2:40PM (10 days ago) @ FataMorgana

Quinn maybe losing Eric is not the thing i care for but:

I just want Katie to disown Brooke.
Flo already acts more like a sister, compared to her own sisters

Brooke and her minion sister thought they deleted it, but a little reset brought it back LMAO

if i were brooke, i would want katie and brooke to take DNA tests to see if they are really sisters(maybe katie was switched at birth, it is a soap after all)

but then brooke tempers with the DNA tests to make it looks like there not sisters(they are but its funny this way)....katie goes to find her "real" family

how can brooke and donna be related to katie who looks nothing like them and wasnt popular like they were in high-school....:rofl :rofl :surprised


Brooke: Do u know how crazy that sounds?

Bill: Maybe it does. But I'm never letting go of u again.
from 06/22/16

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