Brooke never paid for her last 2 betrayals (General)

by Mariposaa, Thursday, March 26, 2020, 2:14PM (131 days ago) @ BabyKelly

When Ridge sees the video, I hope he won't forget this is already the second time Brooke betrays him with his worst ennemy in this marriage. It wasn't too long ago that Brooke swapped spit with Bill twice behind closed doors and planned to keep it secret until she got caught. Ridge was furious but he forgave her right away, she got an instant free pass.
I didn't forget this one either. The day before one of her failed weddings with Bill, she was betraying him with Ridge. And Bill never found out. She has never paid for this one either.

That's why I'll enjoy her downfall this time around. Even if Quinn is evil and is wrong to use these methods, it's about time Katie and Ridge open their eyes about Brooke. It's about time Katie sees with her own eyes how much respect Bill and Brooke have for her. It's about time Brooke suffers the consequences of her betrayals.

No character has been publicly insulted the way Brooke has. So no, I completely disagree.

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