for those of u who missed today's ending (General)

by Mariposaa, Thursday, March 26, 2020, 2:11PM (10 days ago) @ partyprincess1

Ridge is saying speeches while hugging brooke

donna sees the video frame is on the table, switching the photos, all the photos are back

donna looks nervous looks at brooke, brooke see donna, donna moves her eyes to the digital picture frame, brooke sees the pictures are back

quinn sees the brill kissing video and smiles

--steffy says "what is that"

--everyone turns around and looks

---katie says "what the hell is this? is that u kissing brooke? "(bill looks mad and upset)

---ridge looks upset and asks "logan?!?!?"

then it ends

(bridget and donna also looks shock )

The water works from Katie and Brooke I can see coming:roll

Ridge hurry and run to your imbecile Barbie.

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