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I know that sanctimonious Taylor isn't on but I'm curious. Was Taylor anything like Brooke when it comes to morals? And let me repeat my words before anyone jumps to a whole new topic about Brooke. Regrading morals was Taylor anything like Brooke?

Has Taylor ever been with Eric married to someone or not. Was she with Thorne? Was she characterless?

The only time that Taylor broke her marriage vows was when she had sex with James while married to Ridge. That remained a secret for decades. It's the reason Ridge divorced Taylor once a for all when he found out she had lied for like ever.

Kissing someone else while your husband is away, is kinda cheating on your husband.

Or else the current kissing SL wouldn't make any sense either.

(I miss Stephanie - although her hypocrisy during that SL had been blatant - telling Taylor that neither the kiss nor the ONS with James is important (as long as it wasn't Brooke who was married to Ridge and doing that)).
Taylor telling Stephanie that Hector and she had shared a kiss:

Taylor: Well, I went upstairs to bed, and I thought he had left. I was feeling very vulnerable. I kissed him, Stephanie. I know, you're very upset with me. I know how angry you are and disillusioned, I'm not perfect. If I were Brooke, you would've already slapped me, so go ahead, come on, let me have it.
Stephanie: Hector kissing you doesn't mean a thing. You were angry, and upset, and vulnerable. Forget the whole thing.
Taylor: We can't. Someone walked in and saw us kissing.
Stephanie: Not one of the children?
Taylor: Brooke.
(Jan. 4, 2006)

Brooke: What, Taylor standing there in her underwear, kissing a man other than your precious Ridge? What would you call it?
Stephanie: Bad judgment.

Brooke: She was cheating on her husband, Stephanie. If that had been me, you would've kicked me out of town.

Ridge: So hector realized what you were feeling and he took advantage?
Taylor: I was vulnerable. And we both knew that. And I asked him to leave, but he didn't. He followed me upstairs.
Ridge: Hector was up here in our bedroom, again? You kicked him out, right?
Taylor: I told you, I was hurt and I was confused. Ridge, I let him kiss me.
Ridge: He kissed you? Right here in our bedroom?
Taylor: I know, I shouldn't have let that happen. I know that, I know.
Ridge: Did you sleep with him?
Taylor: No. It was just a kiss.
Ridge: It wasn't the first.
Taylor: It was the last
. I promise, Ridge. I promise you, it will never happen again. It was one awful night, I've got to tell you. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Ridge.
(Jan 6, 2006)

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