quinn told brooke to leave ridge, leave town (General)

by Barbybo, Thursday, March 26, 2020, 12:34AM (178 days ago) @ Liz

or else she will show the video??? brooke said she would run home to tell ridge the truth??? but quinn can send the video faster then brooke can drive home......by the time brooke gets home, everyone woulld already see the video and be shocked :rofl :rofl :lol :lol :surprised

Why in the world would anybody be shocked? This is what Brooke does at least every couple months. The woman is a walking disaster. Maybe she needs to see a psychiatrist about her addiction to sex. When she doesn't have it in a while this is what she does and has been doing for years.

Bill kissed her. She didn't have sex.

i bet brooke wished she had :rofl i know i would have lmao :lol :-D :-D :-D :-D

She hasn't given Bill a thought.

Oh, yeah, Brooke thought about it. We saw that on screen.

Oh, the end of the episode after seeing Katie and looking at a picture. It was guilt she was feeling. Not lust or love for Bill.

I'm sorry that kiss and her reliving it was nothing but LUST.

We saw the video she was into it..she’s disgusting

Thankfully, that's a matter of opinion. Brooke isn't everyone's cup of tea. :-)

Who’s cup of tea is a gal hurting her sister yet again and her nephew

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