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by ShirleyB#1, Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 10:02PM (70 days ago) @ traditha

Taylor probably slept with more men than Brooke, because dialogs said she met a lot of men in bars.... Yes, she also slept with Thorne, Nick, Eric and Ridge... She was a cheater like all main characters....

Difference is she has never been involved in the same kind of scandals as Brooke.... She never got pregnant with her sister's husband while she was fighting for her life on a hospital bed.... She never had an ongoing affair with her daughter's husband and got pregnant with him.... She never slept with her daughter's first boyfriend.... She never betrayed a sister or daughter 3 times in a row like Brooke with Katie....

She had 4 children (Steffy, Phoebe, Thomas, Jack) and only questioned the paternity for one of them (Thomas).... Brooke questionned Bridget, RJ and Hope's paternities...

She never married a man just to pass him off as the father of her baby in order to cover up an affair (like Brooke with Whip) or purposely married a man to punish Ridge (like Brooke with Grant)... Yes, she married 2 brothers (Ridge and Nick) but Brooke married the 3 brothers and the father as well (Eric and Thorne)...

Taylor's biggest mistake was likely when she thought she was dying and slept with James while married to Ridge... She paid the hard price for it and lost everything... I also know she kissed Hector while married to Ridge... But her number of affairs with in-laws, cheating and scandals is hugely lower than Brooke's.... She was no saint but still not as bad as Brooke...

Didn't Taylor sleep with Rick? If so, that was Phoebe's first love.

Yes she did and most of the times Brooke slept with any of these men were questionable (rape of some kind is how it started) unlike Taylor.

Eric slept with Brooke when she was drugged and already asleep.
Deacon came to her room and plied an already sloppy drunk Brooke with booze after her husband left her and picked her up and took her to bed.

Katie set Brill up and set up dinners and balloon rides for them etc as they looked for her dramatic behind.

The only thing Brooke is guilty of is when she went after Thorne and not calling what the men did rape and putting them in jail. No instead she married them and fell in love with them and this caused the problems.

Now the other issues with the women jealous, hateful and dramatic and love setting Brooke up so they can blame her for everything.

She allowed Katie to set up that mess and didn’t reject the feelings.
And the men starting with Ridge had no respect for her from the beginning.
And Brooke never brings all these women skeletons out in the public and constantly harass them the way they do her. They stay in her constantly and she’s not devious enough like Old Stephanie or Quinn to constantly harp on one person’s fault and plot. Not like a master.


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