Question on Taylor (General)

by Heather172, Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 9:24PM (64 days ago) @ Liz

Yes but Rick and Phoebe were done when he slept with Taylor... Phoebe had dumped Rick and moved back to Europe.... Rick was single, they didn't jump in bed while he was in a relationship with Phoebe.... I remember Phoebe finding Rick and Taylor in bed and she was horrified, but it doesn't change the fact that Rick and Phoebe weren't together... They didn't even know she was in town (not that she was still interested in Rick)...

Not really the same as Brooke keeping her mouth after her "accident" with Oliver (when he and Hope were together) or having a torrid affair with a married Deacon... Taylor was still wrong to sleep with Rick after he dated Phoebe, but the level of seediness is still superior for Brooke...


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