Question on Taylor (General)

by Mariposaa, Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 8:13PM (102 days ago) @ Liz

I know that sanctimonious Taylor isn't on but I'm curious. Was Taylor anything like Brooke when it comes to morals? And let me repeat my words before anyone jumps to a whole new topic about Brooke. Regrading morals was Taylor anything like Brooke?

Has Taylor ever been with Eric married to someone or not. Was she with Thorne? Was she characterless?

The only time that Taylor broke her marriage vows was when she had sex with James while married to Ridge. That remained a secret for decades. It's the reason Ridge divorced Taylor once a for all when he found out she had lied for like ever.

Ok. So she's no a pretty perfect girl she's acting to be. But it kinda dumb blaming Brooke for her marriage ending..

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