Question on Taylor (General)

by Mariposaa, Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 8:12PM (70 days ago) @ Viola

I know that sanctimonious Taylor isn't on but I'm curious. Was Taylor anything like Brooke when it comes to morals? And let me repeat my words before anyone jumps to a whole new topic about Brooke. Regrading morals was Taylor anything like Brooke?

Has Taylor ever been with Eric married to someone or not. Was she with Thorne? Was she characterless?

Taylor was with Eric, was with Thorne, was with Brooke's brother and slept with Brooke's father and son. The same son that her daughter was in love with and Taylor knew about it. Many will say it's not important because they were not a couple, but Taylor knew that her child was in love with him.
She did a couple of other things like kissing Hector because she had problem with Ridge or she slept with James when she was thinking that they will die and lied for like 20 years about it and that's why her marriage eventually ended... So no idea why she blames it on Brooke all the time... I mean she has reasons to dislike Brooke, but the end of her marriage was because of her infidelity. Was she less moral than Brooke? I don't think so... But she has done horrible things too while acting like a saint and blaming Brooke even for things she hasn't done... Ruining her kids emotionally in the process...

Sounds like she's just like Brooke. Just hypocritical.

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