Steffy could end this whole mess. (General)

by Barbybo, Saturday, February 15, 2020, 1:40PM (104 days ago) @ PatriotGirl
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All she has to do is tell Ridge that she and Thomas schemed to make Hope see her and Liam kissing. Then Ridge would know Thomas hasn't changed and finally get him the help he needs.

But she won't. Because of her own selfish reasons. She knows Liam would dump her for deceiving him and blowing up his relationship with Hope.

Steffy is so desperate to have Liam that she doesn't even care that her own brother needs help and isn't getting it. And now her little nephew, who just lost his mommy, is going to be used as a pawn as Thomas exploits his insecurities in order to get Hope.

Typical. This whole Mess started because of hope. But now it's steffy's responsibility to end it? Gmab.

So tired of the hope character. It takes a village to prop her and it diminishes the talent that is in the cast. No idea how or why they put up with it.

Hope didn't make Steffy act on Thomas's cue to kiss Liam when she heard the phone ring. That manipulation is on her. Why won't she tell?

Yes, that manipulation is on Steffy. I wish she'd just tell Liam.
Because in the larger picture, it's a joke. MuppetFish is right.
Hope is a helpless woman who makes ridiculous, juvenile decisions and then sits in a corner while everyone else tries to figure out a solution.

Next up on Bold: watch Liam chase his tail in circles while Hope claps.

It's more than old. It's stale writing that focuses on one character that has turned into a caricature of herself, and wastes the rest of the talent on the show.

Love this post! :cool

So next week Hope and zoe hear liam stirring pot with Tom they take toms side this should be good:lol. Liam will have his famous constipated look...little kid should hear liam saying mean to his daddy...he won’t like liam much...time fir that kid to go away to school like r.j did invisible or visit his grandma a long visit

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