Promo: Will Thomas Be Exposed? (General)

by hopeyougogirl, Saturday, February 15, 2020, 12:54AM (226 days ago) @ BabyKelly

It's about time... So he can be taken to a mental institution and we can have something different than his obsession shown on screen. I'm so bored with him right now.

It definitely needs to end. Wish they would just redeem him already. I can't stand watching him use his son as a pawn. It's so sick.

He will never be "redeemed" in my eyes..just send him away from my screen. His obsession is so old, stale and boring. :sleep

In Hope's eyes he has been redeemed a long time ago. She could really put a stop to it if she wanted. It's not too complicated. But she won't.

He’s not redeemed in her eyes. Her concerns are Douglas, not Thomas.

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