brooke has zero room to judge thomas for kissing zoe (General)

by Barbybo, Saturday, February 15, 2020, 12:22AM (226 days ago) @ beachboy※

Brooke sleeping with Bill TWICE when he was married to Katie wasn't an accident. Getting pregnant with Bill when Katie was at the hospital wasn't an accident. Having an ongoing affair with her SIL and getting pregnant with him wasn't an accident. Sleeping with her other SIL wasn't an accident. Sleeping with her BIL 5 minutes after she thought her husband "died" wasn't an accident. Sleeping with Ridge while married to Eric wasn't an accident. Flirting and accepting kisses from Thomas while married to Ridge wasn't an accident. Stalking Thorne when he was married to Macy wasn't an accident. Using and marrying men to make Ridge jealous wasn't an accident. Faking a pregnancy to trap Ridge wasn't an accident. Keeping Thomas from Ridge for months and keeping Bill's baby from him weren't accidents. All the happy families and homes she broke weren't always accidents. Brooke judging Thomas for using Zoe or for interfering with Hope and Liam's relationship is laughable.

I still can’t believe bell write Brooke pregnent with Bills child Twitter went wild bell ended that fast far out of space that script ..

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