The show never acknowledges Hope/Liam/Wyatt's history!!! (General)

by Drangonfly, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 1:30PM (78 days ago) @ BabyKelly

I only recall Hope dating both Liam and Wyatt for one length of time, but regardless, the show has said very little about Hope's relationship with Wyatt. They only briefly touched on the fact that she and Wyatt conceived, but lost a child while they were married. Wyatt met Hope during a rough patch she was having with Liam. And if I remember correctly, it was over Steffy. IMO, Wyatt was a novelty for Hope. A guy committed to just her, but down the road, Hope admitted that she'd used Wyatt to teach Liam how it felt to have a third person constantly in their relationship. Wyatt had Hope so high up on a pedestal, it should have given her nose bleeds. He treated her like gold, but it was never enough for Hope. I don't know why Bell treats their history like it never happened, but changing the show's story line history or character's history is no big deal for Bell. :neutral

The HOTT love story started out great. Even as a Lope fan I enjoyed it. But that all ended when Wyatt started scheming to break up Hope and Liam. I hated Wyatt after that. I don't mind him now though.

Interestingly, I'm seeing a fair amount of people on Twitter saying, if Lope break up, they'd like HOTT to be revisited. It couldn't be any time soon though, since there is the Wyatt/Sally/Flo triangle going on.

Would rather Statt to be revisited. I don't remember Wyatt scheming to break up Lope, most of it was on Quinn and Wyatt was paying the price for her crap. Wyatt gave Hope several chances, he was never good enough for her. Steffy and Wyatt were the HOTT ones, even if I always prefered Steam. But they were not given a fair chance. Steffy married him and looked happy, Quinn should have kept Liam a bit longer so they could bond some more. I remember Steffy and Wyatt in Monte Carlo, Steffy seemed blissful on the beach with him while Liam was pining for her. If Quinn never got with Eric and stayed away like Steffy wanted, maybe they would have worked out. Anyway, I loved this triangle and liked Steffy with both guys. The only Hope pairing I liked was Oliver.

Wyatt started scheming around the time of the Hope Diamond story. He used that to get Hope to go with him to Paris. He knew that Quinn checked herself out of therapy and didn't warn Liam, whom Quinn had tried to kill. Then he hid in the bushes just waiting for Hope to give up on Liam before he whisked her off to the yacht.

Also, in Amsterdam, he was on the phone with Quinn, making sure that Liam and Ivy were always together so that Liam and Hope couldn't connect.

Wyatt did his fair share of manipulating. Not on Thomas/Steffy level, but bad enough.

Whatever happens, I just pray it's never a Hope/Wyatt/Steffy triangle. How exhausting would that be? ;-)

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