Finally a Batie fan/no longer Beffy fan (General Discussion)

by November, Friday, May 17, 2019, 10:49PM (95 days ago) @ Drangonfly

I have never been a fan of Bill and Katie being married and a family until now. I now believe they're soulmates and not Bill and Steffy. At one time I once thought Bill and Steffy were soulmates but not after today's episode. I just hope Bell never throws Steffy Cha cha's at him or Brooke's destiny crying jags. Let them be happy together as a family Bell.

Katie has always been at her best when paired with Bill. Same goes for Bill. He is at his best when he isn’t with Katie. Bell so royally messed up the writing for this couple when he wrote that disgusting Brill affair though. It should have never happened.

When he is or Isnt with Katie? I like Katie and Bill. The STILL affair is what disgusted me. That was her father in law

A ONS is not an affair.

Right it’s a mistake...

A dirty mistake. The worst mistake a wife can make. :puke

oh but using your reasoning steffy wasnt in the wrong here; it was all bill cause steffy was grieving after her husband made out with her worst ennemy she wasnt in her right mind it was all on bill right`? sorry liam was unfaithful first he got what he deserved;

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