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by Drangonfly, Friday, May 17, 2019, 9:23PM (95 days ago) @ Steamfan339

SNEAK PEEK at #BoldandBeautiful Next Week:

Steffy arrives home from Paris.

Hope helps Douglas when he has a nightmare.

Ridge urges Thomas not to interfere in other people’s relationships.

Hope visits Steffy and is elated to once again hold Baby Phoebe.


Douglas is so cute! Really hope he isn't gonna get hurt! Hope better things hard and long if she agrees to be his new mother, it will be for life! No matter what Thomas says, no one can force her to say yes! And if she does, she better sticks with it and not let him down!

It's Thomas that will be letting him down, not Hope. He's using him to get Hope and snag Liam for Steffy. It's all on him.

I don't see anyone arguing this or trying to say Thomas is a sweet, innocent and nice person with good intentions. It is well established that he is being selfish, manipulative and he is an interloper. And this isn't out of character for him, he set Rick's house on fire years ago, and lied to Brooke and Ridge about the berries, among other things. In this situation, he is clearly the bad guy, he isn't written as a good person... We get it. If someone tells me Thomas is a good person with morals and ethics, I will disagree entirely.
Now some people choose to root for these characters, some don't. I can't say I "like" him but I don't hate him either. I think he is spicing things up while Steffy is gone, he is complex and he manages to make Hope/Lope a little more interesting for once, and it's saying something because I cannot stand them together. I also think Hope has better chemistry with him than she does with Liam. He is bringing the drama and that's what show desperately needs. At the same time, he isn't written as completely evil either. He isn't stealing Hope's baby. He didn't push anyone off a cliff or a helicopter, didn't stab anyone with a sword isn't blackmailing Hope into marriage, drugging her, raping her, he isn't abducting Liam and sequestering him in a cabin either. He is bad, very bad, but we have seen much much worse kind of behaviors in the past.Not only from Bill. IMO, on B&B, he can be redeemed with the stroke of a pen.

That being said, as bas as THomas is, it isn't going to absolve Hope from her parts. She made vows, promised to be honest and stay married to Liam for better or for worse. And she is breaking all these vows. Liam has been loving and supportive, and didn't kiss another woman. SHe isn't being tricked into thinking Liam has an affair with Steffy either. And no one is blackmailing her into ending her marriage, no one has abducted her husband and is sending her breakup voicemails with his cellphone. So I don't think she has any mitigating circumstances for ending her marriage. She is lying to Liam about the proposal, and she's breaking her vows by leaving her husband. Plain and simple.
In addition, Thomas' selfish behavior doesn't absolve Hope from her share of responsability if she accepts to become Douglas' mom, either. Until now, she has only accepted to be "there for him" and I think it should stay that way... unles she REALLY does want to become Douglas' mother. But if she does and makes a promise to Douglas, then she needs to honor it and remain his mother until he is 18. The fact that she thinks her baby is dead isn't going to excuse her if she kicks Douglas to the curb once she gets her baby back. I will feel different if someone blackmails her into accepting Douglas' question, or if someone holds a gun over her and forces her to sign documents to become Douglas' mother. But this is not the case here. Thomas and Douglas can beg Hope and use her grief all they want, if she says yes, it's on her and she will need to honor it no matter what happens in the future. Maybe she will... Actually, I hope she does. It would be tragic for Douglas otherwise, and BOTH Thomas AND Hope would be responsible for his heartbreak. I hope it won't come to that. She can still be a mother to Douglas AND to Beth at the same time. If she does move on with Thomas and sleeps with him, there will be big possibility that she gets pregnant with his child when she gets her baby back. Who knows... Liam has 2 families, maybe soon Hope is going to be torn between 2 families as well.

Meh. Thomas may not be the devil but he is the one in the wrong here. Not Hope.

"All she can think about is the well-being of these beautiful babies. It’s not about her at all. And she just wants what’s best for everyone involved.” - Annika Noelle on Hope

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