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Is keeping Steffy as a strong, independent single mother who is also career successful as part of the MeToo Movement? It shows that women can rear a family, be career success and doen't need to rely on a man. Go Steffy!

The Me Too movement is about sexual abuse. But I am very interested in seeing what Steffy does if/when Hope and Liam break up. The way she was written right before she left for Paris, I don't see her wanting Liam back. If she does, it would be a step back from the woman that gave those speeches last summer. I think she's actually going to support Hope and Liam. I think she'll do this by telling her crazy brother to back off.

How is Steffy supposed to support Hope and Liam they are not even together and if Hope herself if treating him like crap? If she shows Hope the same support Hope showed her when Liam was living at the hotel, it won't end well for Hope! I think Steffy will support them IF they are together! If Hope leaves him and he doesn't want to fight for his marriage anymore, Steffy has no reason to stay away from Liam! As long as she doesn't kiss him and tell him to divorce his wife like Hope did last summer, she will he better!

Not to me. Hope didnt sleep with his father, she is just over the top depressed. Big difference

She slept and married with his brother :neutral

Not while married to Liam.

While engaged to Liam. Like that is any less of a betrayel

No, that engagement was over from the moment Liam didn't show up. That was what they agreed on. Hope told him if he wanted a future with her, he would be there. He was a no show, so she moved on.

That isn't exactly how it was said.

Hope: So meet me there... day after tomorrow. Okay, you can't say yes right now. I-I understand that. You have to think about it. But please know that my mind is clear. I'll even consider giving the diamond back to Wyatt. 3:00 P.M., Day after tomorrow. Meet me there after we wrap.

Liam: Will he be there?

Hope: I'm not his keeper. Will you be there?

Liam: What if I am?

Hope: Then it's the beginning of the rest of our lives. Of the life that we've always wanted. In our special spot. I love you.

Nothing about their relationship being over if he didn't show...she

Yeah, but there are scenes afterward that show otherwise. They clearly stated that if Liam didn't show up they were over.

Kind of dumb for them to state it after the fact and not before. I guess the goal posts had to be moved in order to justify Hope marrying Wyatt.

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