SOD Spoilers for next week May 20 - 24 (General)

by Drangonfly, Thursday, May 16, 2019, 2:08PM (385 days ago) @ Lucky13

So she is going to leave the love of her life for her stepbrother, because her husband's cousin wrote a letter saying she should be with him?..... I never thought she would sink that low, but now I am starting to believe it..... Liam is no saint, but Can't help feeling sorry for him,...

It's dumb writing. But that's what's happening. It's all about Hope's grief, not about her neglecting Liam.

The grief is a poor excuse for me! Liam is grieving too, but hs isn't kicking her to the curb and hiding secrets from her! Hope made vows, and now she is breaking them in the worst way possible! No excuse! She did the same to Wyatt when she lost her baby! Guess thats because she was grieving too? Yawn

But thomas is not manipulating Liam, he is manipulating Hope

Plus, there hasn't been one single character on the show saying that Hope is acting selfishly. Even Liam knows that she's acting out of grief. And he isn't complaining about her at all. He's just worried about her.

"All she can think about is the well-being of these beautiful babies. It’s not about her at all. And she just wants what’s best for everyone involved.” - Annika Noelle on Hope

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