Is Steffy being rewritten purposely to represent... (General Discussion)

by Lucky13, Thursday, May 16, 2019, 12:03PM (63 days ago) @ PatriotGirl

Disagree with this. The sl isn't hope feeling bad for Kelly and phoeboe. If that
we're the case, it should have happened last year when she was trying to Rush marry Liam before Kelly was born so he couldn't change his mind.

Well, I'm sorry that you missed that part. Because it has been made abundantly clear that Hope feels guilty that she is keeping the girls from their father.

Only because she thinks she no longer has Liam's kid. I think that will disappear once she gets Beth back. Kelly will be put in the backseat again.

Which is normal. My kids are better and more important than anyone elses to me. Except the grandkids, they are even better than my kids:lol :lol

Then I hope Steffy insists that he put Kelly first and we'll see how Hope likes it.

Steffy would be a horrible mother if she didnt put Kelly first. Liam will be in a pickle. Both babies are his. Do you honestly think Steffy would put Beth before Kelly? Or Douglas before Kelly?

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