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by Steffyfanatic, Thursday, May 16, 2019, 8:55AM (97 days ago) @ RoseDeWBu

Does anyone else find it strange that Quinn is moving Shauna and Flo into the Forrester mansion?

I know that Quinn and Shauna used to be friends years ago - but that was YEARS ago. Shauna is a virtual STRANGER now. And so is Flo - but Quinn is absolutely GIDDY at the thought of Wyatt taking up with her.

What's next for Shauna? A job at FC? After all, Flo was given a job she's totally unqualified for - why not her whacked-out mother?

I'm not sure how I feel about Hope giving Flo a job. I realize they're first cousins, but I have first cousins I wouldn't know if I fell on them - and I CERTAINLY wouldn't offer them a job or confide in them.

I wonder if Hope feels a sense of KINSHIP with Flo - or if it goes DEEPER than that. Could Hope want to be close with Flo because she thinks Flo is Phoebe's biological mother?

It’ll be funny if Shauna goes after Eric.


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