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by Judx, Thursday, May 16, 2019, 7:15AM (97 days ago) @ FancyGirl
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The show has tunnel vision when the focus is on certain aspects and they don't allow other distractions. They put all the writing into specific connections, like building the bond Hope has with Beth, which has been fairly good.

As to missing scenes or others. After Kelly was born, it was even mentioned that Liam is rarely shown holding Kelly. It was disappointing because I think he had one scene while Steffy was the focus with Kelly. And, since then, Liam was shown maybe once with Kelly outside the cliff house. Most of the scenes are there with Kelly. They never show her with Hope and Liam at the cabin. It is a shame that the show thinks these are either not necessary or that they will draw away from their determined storyline. In B&B form, they leave these scenes as off screen action and time, it doesn't mean they don't exist or don't happen. No scenes don't mean Hope is not attentive to Kelly - they just don't place any attention in creating those scenes as they want to build Hope's maternal love for Beth.

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