Some SOD Spoiler (General Discussion)

by Lucky13, Thursday, May 16, 2019, 7:02AM (97 days ago) @ Ryc1976

lol...she doesn't hold Kelly because the writers don't write it in. It doesn't bother Liam because this story has never been written as Hope not caring or being dismissive of Kelly...thats just the spin/ interpretation Hope haters put on it.

My guess is the babies are only held by certain unless the bond between Kelly and Hope is highlighted by a story... why would the writers write it in?

No parent would want a bunch of people holding their infant onscreen. It has to be very limited and a bonding has to occur, just like Annika and the baby who is going to play Beth. The bonding has to occur for the scenes to go well. Off topic: the pics of Annika and the baby are ADORABLE! Cant wait for scenes to air!

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