Katie's house (General)

by q, Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 7:09PM (386 days ago) @ Heather172

There is no more Hope and Liam.....

I think Hope will move in there (Katie's house) alone..... Brooke will try to kick Thomas out of her house, but Ridge won't agree and Hope will be the one leaving so Thomas can stay..... That way, Hope and Flo will be neighbors if the Fultons move into the main house.....

Liam will be mooching at Wyatt's beach house for some time,.... or maybe Steffy will let him sleep in the cliff house so he can spend more time with the girls..... But no way Hope and Liam are getting a new place.... They will be done, it's a matter of weeks....

Liam staying at Steffy's with Taylor and Amelia coming everyday? No privacy for Liam at all. And can hear Taylor and Amelia preach to him everyday how Steffy needs and wsnts him and he should be there. Yuk.

Liam wouldn't be mooching at Wyatt's. He let Wyatt system with him. And Wyatt is mooching off of Bill.

Liam talked to ?Hope about finding their own place and was going to contact a real estate agent. Maybe Carter is also a real estate agent.

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