OT: One SPOILER from tomorrow's Y&R: (General Discussion)

by RoseDeWBu, Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 5:16PM (97 days ago)

At Society, Abby is SHOCKED when her brother Adam walks in. Then, Victoria and Billy arrive, and tell Abby that the whole family knows that Adam's alive. Adam tells his older sister that he wants to talk, but Billy intervenes by saying, "That's close enough!" Adam's younger sister is upset that she's the last to know - as usual - and Adam apologizes. Abby angrily phones their father as Adam sits down with Victoria and Billy. Adam pulls out a photo of a little girl that he found on the floor of the tackhouse and asks who she is. Billy tells Adam that it's a picture of his daughter Delia - then growls, "You KILLED her!" Victoria interjects with, "It was an ACCIDENT!" but Billy describes the hit-and-run - and informs Adam that he hid the evidence. Adam stammers, "You must have wanted to kill ME." He tells Billy that he's sorry. It's Billy's considered opinion that Adam CAN'T be sorry for an incident that he doesn't remember. It's ADAM'S considered opinion that their father left the photo in the tackhouse to "jump start" his memory. Victoria and Billy warn Adam about Victor's manipulations. Adam feels that their father has "plans" for him. Adam apologizes for bringing up Delia - and vows that Victor Newman won't use him again. After Adam leaves, Victoria goes up to Abby and tells her how sorry she is that no one told her about Adam. Abby doesn't believe that their father loves his children EQUALLY. Victoria returns to her and Billy's table. Billy feels that everything is a MESS because Adam is back - and blames VICTOR for how he's handled the situation. Billy reveals that Delia's death came FLOODING BACK when he looked at Adam. Outside, Billy informs Victoria that Victor MIGHT have OVERPLAYED his hand - which SHOULD send Adam running back to Vegas...


I don't know about anyone else, but I am SO angry at Billy. Yes, Adam hit Delia that night - but who left her alone in the car with a rambunctious puppy? Yes, he left the scene - but he didn't know at the time he'd hit her. He was trying to avoid the puppy! Yes, Adam hid the evidence - but at the time, he'd FINALLY gotten the life he'd always wanted, with two beautiful boys and a wife who adored him. And when Billy figured out it was ADAM who had hit Delia, he kidnapped him - and held a gun on him while forcing Adam to drive to places in Genoa City that were important to Delia. Instead of calling the cops and turning Adam in, Billy chose to kidnap and terrorize him. Instead of owning up to his GIGANTIC part in Delia's death, Billy chose to lay FULL BLAME at Adam's doorstep. Adam's part in Delia's death was an ACCIDENT - but everything Billy did in retaliation was ON PURPOSE.

And what about Chloe the Psycho? She ran Adam down like a dog with her car - then fled the scene. She's SO MUCH BETTER than Adam Newman. She held a gun on him in the park. Then she shoots him with a tranquilizer gun, drags him into a cabin, ties him to a chair - then waits until he's semi-conscious to blow him to Kingdom Come. She wanted Adam to feel every second of being blown to bits.

If you ask me, Adam paid DEARLY for Delia's death. He certainly paid more for what he did ACCIDENTALLY than what Delia's parents did ON PURPOSE!

And BTW: Abby is absolutely right. Victor DOESN'T love his children EQUALLY.

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