I like Batie (General Discussion)

by kizilay, Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 4:46PM (97 days ago) @ ClemaxDna

I am happy they are given another chance. I remember their first wedding in the park,... that was so long ago. They make each other better people. Bill will never be a good guy, but he shows his best version when he is with Katie. As for Katie, she was boring in her recent relationships, Bill is her best match.

I love watching their scenes with little Will. The actor who plays Will is such a cutie, like Douglas. They need to get married and hopefully they have a long and solid marriage this time. No more Brooke. They deserve to be happy.

Katie is definitely Bill's best match, but Bill isn't her best match at all for me. I still cannot stand him and can't overlook everything he has done to Liam, Wyatt, Steffy, Brooke, Sally, Amber, Maya and other. Katie looks stupid. She had a good relationship with Wyatt, despite the icky factor. She looked happy with Thorne too. She let them go without a fight. She is regressing. Bill will never change. If it isn't Steffy or Brooke, another woman will catch his eye. Or he will once again manipulate another couple and Katie will realize it.

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