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by kizilay, Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 4:39PM (97 days ago) @ MsBold

Nothing about this is rational. Hope has always cared about a Kelly, the difference is she too was pregnant with a child on the way and her child deserved a father too. Ever since her baby was stolen Hope has been all over the place, and letting Thomas manipulate her to be a mother to Douglas is just another example of that by the writers.

When the reveal takes place, Lope will get back together because both Hope and Liam will feel cheated out of their life...their child’s beginning, and their marriage.

When Hope was going to marry Liam the first time before she knew she was pregnant, she didn't care that Kelly would not have her father in-house full time. So I'm not buying her concern now.

Maybe because she believed Steffy when Steffy said she could be a single mom. Then she saw Steffy had a nasty, her mother and Liam helping and she was still looking frustrated.

I'm talking about last May when Steffy was still hoping to reunite with Liam. The wedding that got interrupted by Wyatt. Hope was fine with Liam being a part-time dad then.

And Hope stopped the wedding. She called it off not Liam.

Like Liam was going to go through with it... He called Steffy his wife... On his wedding day to hope... And she didn't cancel the wedding, she postponed it.

Hope was trying to save face because Liam was particularly out the door.

yup. I think it was then that he said that none of this would have happened if it weren't for bill's lies.

Does any of it matter liams role on the show is waffel anyway...he’s a guy who can have either he likes variety

it matters when the story is being rewritten to fit better in a narrative that is more convenient than what was actually shown and said on screen ;)

Hope postponed the wedding while making sure everyone knew there would be another one. All the while Liam was walking around with a guilty face telling Steffy and Ridge he knows he'll go back to steffy now the truth was revealed. Hope was clueless and still expecting her big day to happen.

I just wonder why Liam never fought for Steffy like he does Hope

He fought for steffy on a couple of occasions.

Believe me, i don't understand why he does fight for hope. He really should stop and face reality: lope doesn't work outside of their fantasies.

He fights for Hope because he truly loves her. And she loves him. LOPE would work if people would leave them alone. No one has to beg Liam to go be with Hope. With Steffy, it takes the whole cast manipulating and begging, seems Leffy is the fantasy to me

I do believe Liam truly loves Hope. I think he's fascinated with Steffy. I used to agree that Lope had this wonderful relationship, and they would be amazing - if only others would stop manipulating them, playing them, interfering with them, etc. And I blamed all of it on Liam and his weakness.

I've finally realized that Lope seems to be meant to eternally implode. And Hope gets a good deal of that blame. She can't stick with anything. It's never perfect enough. It's too difficult. Especially since NuHope has returned.

It's difficult to watch.

maybe hard to believe, but I was actually cheering Hope on when she dumped him when he showed up drunk to their Italy redo wedding. She drew a hard line in the sand and said enough. It was something Steffy should have done after he dumped her to return to Hope instead of trying to stay in his orbit 24/7.

Completely agree with your assesment about the imploding of lope. I honestly don't get why neither of the girls have no eye for somebody other than Liam. Even with Brooke and her destiny Ridge, she had long and serious relationships with other man and SL that weren't directly related to the triangle Why the new generation can't have the same quality of 'in between' relationships is beyond me.

It's pretty ridiculous. I liked that KM's Hope held Liam's feet to the fire at times. And I think both girls deserve better than Liam.

I like Steffy, but she did the unthikable with Liam. I like AN better than KM as Hope, but she is treating Liam awfully too. Lying to him, neglecting him, and likely leaving him very soon. Liam isn't perfect, but has has never done anything close to that. I think he deserves better than both girls, actually.

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