Another day trying to sell us flo ain’t bad (General Discussion)

by Lope2.0, Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 11:23AM (95 days ago) @ Lucky13

I understand. I didnt like Wyatt with all the Hope stuff, did at first, but not when he married her knowing she was there to marry Liam. I admire that he admitted it though, so I got over it pretty quickly. I enjoyed HOTT off and on

Hott was just as disgusting, one-sided and boring as Leffy, and so will Thope if they get together. Wyatt was a creepy stalker and manipulator who didn't care about what Hope wanted. Just like Thomas now, and Steffy with Liam for years. I will never want my faovirte characters with selfish people like this. Wyatt isn't as bad as Flo, but I won't feel bad for him. He repeatedly cheated on Sally, lied to her face and now dumped her like yesterday's garbage. He deserves everything that's coming.

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