Another day trying to sell us flo ain’t bad (General Discussion)

by Lucky13, Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 11:05AM (95 days ago) @ cranberryboy

No Logan is a liar or a baby stealer.

nah but as all logans she wont take repsonalitbily 4 anything, always sb elses fault "reese made me do this, i didnt know anything, blah blah"; just like brooke each time she wrecks 1 family or backstabs 1 sibling or screws her own marriage; always taylors fault stephanies fault, sbut she cant do anythong wonrg, i bet flo will get away she be 4given & impregnated when truth cmoes out :whistle

So, Steffy must be a Logan, with her "Its not my fault" or "it was an accident", or my husband kissed a woman so I made love with his father

nope; steffy took entire responsability 4 everything; she could've lied & said bill took advantage every1 would of believed her but she didnt; she could of found excuses 2 justify but she didnt
logans the other hand never take rpsonasability 4 anything; either they're robbed or grieving or manipulated or forced always put the blame on sb else; big difference


Huh. I guess I missed the epi where Steffy told the whole story about Ally and Ivy. Glad she admitted it all. How did Thorne respond?

Thorne knew Aly had mental issues and Steffy was protecting herself from Aly.

But, Steffy didnt fill out the missing info for him. So, my point, was that its not just Hope and Brooke

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