Another day trying to sell us flo ain’t bad (General Discussion)

by November, Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 8:45AM (95 days ago) @ Lucky13

No Logan is a liar or a baby stealer.

nah but as all logans she wont take repsonalitbily 4 anything, always sb elses fault "reese made me do this, i didnt know anything, blah blah"; just like brooke each time she wrecks 1 family or backstabs 1 sibling or screws her own marriage; always taylors fault stephanies fault, sbut she cant do anythong wonrg, i bet flo will get away she be 4given & impregnated when truth cmoes out :whistle

So, Steffy must be a Logan, with her "Its not my fault" or "it was an accident", or my husband kissed a woman so I made love with his father

nope; steffy took entire responsability 4 everything; she could've lied & said bill took advantage every1 would of believed her but she didnt; she could of found excuses 2 justify but she didnt
logans the other hand never take rpsonasability 4 anything; either they're robbed or grieving or manipulated or forced always put the blame on sb else; big difference

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