OT: I foresee TROUBLE for Y&R's Kyle and Lola! (SPOILER): (General Discussion)

by RoseDeWBu, Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 9:22PM (95 days ago) @ IndyGirl

Kyle wasn't raised like that . I'm sure his mother received a nice size child support from his father . There is nothing wrong with the apartment and I doubt it has roaches . Kyle can always stop by the restaurant on his way home and grab a bite or Cook for Lola since she would probably be more tired after being on her feet all day .


Kyle spent LOTS of time growing up in the Abbott mansion. Diane would have made SURE of that.

There's nothing wrong with Arturo's apartment - but is it like DEVON'S or NICK'S? That's what Kyle is used to. And I wouldn't be a bit surprised to find roaches there. It's not like Arturo could afford a much. And Rey - didn't he live ABOVE Crimson Lights?

Sure Kyle can stop by Society - or cook for Lola - but again: is that what Kyle's used to? Does Kyle even know HOW to cook?

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