OT: I foresee TROUBLE for Y&R's Kyle and Lola! (SPOILER): (General Discussion)

by Barbybo, Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 8:13PM (95 days ago) @ RoseDeWBu

And it has absolutely NOTHING to do with Summer.

Tomorrow, Kyle tells Lola there's nothing he'd like better than for the two of them to move in together.

Lola is over the moon! There's NOTHING she would like better than to go to bed at night with Kyle - and wake up in his arms. All is terrific - UNTIL Lola realizes that Kyle wants her to move into the Abbott mansion. Lola wants a flat of their OWN - and she's got just the place: Arturo's apartment. Arturo wants to go back to Miami - they could take over Arturo's lease and live there. Kyle balks - then concedes that it doesn't matter WHERE they live, as long as they're together...

Yeah, right! That's easy to say NOW! Or maybe that was just a lot of succotash from Kyle because he thinks he'll be able to change Lola's mind down the road.

Kyle was raised in the lap of luxury - he's going to miss the round, deep jacuzzi bathtub and six-headed shower. He's going to miss having a housekeeper slash cook. (Picking up after oneself and cooking for oneself is HIGHLY overrated!) He's going to miss the swimming pool and a nice, clean garage for his Maserati. Frankly, he's going to miss the MASERATI once word gets out that one is parked in front of a tenement at the foot of Snob Hill.

And speaking of cooking, Kyle's going to expect meals to be hot and ready for him when he gets home from Jabot - just the way they were at the mansion. But what if Lola doesn't WANT to cook? She cooks all day for a living - cooking at home for "her man" is going to lose its luster REAL fast.

And if Kyle thinks he hates cockroaches NOW, wait until he takes up residence with them!

It seems to me that it would be easier for LOLA to adapt to KYLE'S world than it would be for KYLE to adapt to LOLA'S. But Lola is STILL the girl who refused a $5,000 purse as a gift, so...

Lyles a executive she’s a top not cook they could do better......if kyle wants to live with jack like a child he’s a looser

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