If Hope gets her baby back (General Discussion)

by Ritz @, Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 10:57AM (94 days ago) @ Brenda3

I think the only reason Bell is dragging out this SL is to keep the Hope character interesting. Once the baby is returned of course Liam, Hope & Beth will be perfect happy family. The only problem is happy and drama free = boring. Look back at the Tridge years, Bell Snr had to create havoc/ some kind of drama for the family ie. Taylor contracting TB while pregnant, Morgan’s pregnancy, Steffy’s kidnapping etc. When HT returned her character was quickly rewritten into the wreck we see today to which I suspect to make her “interesting”. I guess what I’m trying to say is perhaps down the track Hope may also get a rewrite just like Taylor did to keep the character interesting. It was funny the other week when Brooke said Hope is sweet and innocent, all the things Taylor isn’t. I thought to myself well actually Taylor was all those things pre 2005 character rewrite while she hoed away trying to destroy Tridge family so maybe a foreshadowing that sweet innocent Hope will also get a Taylor rewrite...

If Bell is dragging out this SL to keep Hope character interesting he is failing. Hopefully, he will come up with more stories for the summer that don't revolve around Hope's baby drama.

I could not agree more. Hope is sooooooooo beyond boring, and I am s sick of having her shoved down my throat with Bell’s “you will be made to feel sympathetic towards her” heavy handed writing. I still think she is a selfish, self-centered, homewrecking hypocrite, and this poor Hope routine everyday has done nothing to change that. It has just irritated me and made me lose interest in the show (again)and dislike Hope even more.

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