OT: Update on my father (General Discussion)

by Lucky13, Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 10:37AM (94 days ago) @ Ilovebizzie

My father’s neck surgery went well and he’s doing good in rehab but the sad thing is the doctor told us right after his surgery that even though it will take two weeks for full results, the brain tumor does look like aggressive cancer. We’re not telling my father what he said. Now that he’s improving from his neck surgery, he’s getting happy because his neck is so much better, but he says to us, “now I’m just worried about the results of the biopsy.” We don’t want to hinder his recovery from his surgery so that’s why we’re not telling what the doctor said. So please pray for a miracle that somehow it’s not this grade IV glioblastoma.

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes, God did pull him through the neck surgery so it worked! I just wish the biopsy thing wasn’t hanging over us. I know dad will be devastated especially since he feels better about his neck and walking.

We also wish the doctor hadn’t been so anxious to tell us what the biopsy looks like since we cannot know definitively for a while, did he think we were going to tell dad while he’s recovering from serious surgery? We were crying in the waiting room when he told us and he didn’t even offer comfort, only the secretary took us to a little room to get ourselves together.

The medical community should be kinder.

I hadn’t had a chance to reply to the last thread I made about this but thank you all and I will try to find messages and reply to any that I can’t cover in this one.

Prayers and hugs, Bizzie. We are all here for you

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