If Hope gets her baby back (General Discussion)

by Sailor'sMom2, Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 10:35AM (94 days ago) @ Steamfan

Steffy has more fans and I think she is even more popular than Hope, Bradley really wanted people not to like Steffy's character but it backfired the more he popularized Hope or made he soooo perfect is the more people hated Hope and started to cheer on Steffy. Steam were together way longer than Lope, Liam despite Steffy's evil ways as Lope fans love to point out he fell in love with Steffy over the years even without the manipulation and scheming he fell in love with Steffy whether Hope fans like it or not. Steam are actually popular and many people underestimate them they have been winning couple polls for years I am sure they will be back again real soon. For years Liam didn't think of Hope, that to me says alot when he got kidnapped by Quinn I would have thought that he would have thought or see Hope's face as the woman he loves they could have even gotten an extra actress to portray Hope but they didn't or Bell was ready to bring back Hope's character yet. Besides when Liam was kidnapped by Quinn and lost his memory the only visions and memories he was seeing was of Steffy no one else not Ivy not Hope but Steffy.

That would be only your opinion. There are just as many people who hate Steffy as the number of fans.

Also, there are probably more fans who hate Steam than love them. Those years that Liam wasn't thinking about Hope, Hope was gone and no one knew if she would ever be back. They are not going to have a character day dream about a character who may not ever come back. While he was with Quinn, there was no Hope to daydream about. KM was gone. He thought a lot about Hope when she did come back. As long as there was a Hope on B&B, Liam always thought about her even when he was with Steffy.

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