CBS SID: Kimberlin Brown (General Discussion)

by SonOfMan, Monday, April 15, 2019, 9:09PM (93 days ago) @ KatieFan32

April 29th issue.

She reflects on the long running feud between the young and the restless Sheila and Lauren. Kimberlin mentions how she keeps in touch with Tracey Bergman (Lauren) and also mentions B&B.

Kimberlin reveals that she and Tracey talk periodically catch up on instagram and that kind of thing.

Kimberlin says she don't live in Los Angeles but when I'm in town to shoot B&B where Sheila makes appearances we definitely run into each other in the hallway scream and hug. I wish nothing but the best for Tracey. And I know that she feels the same.

Lovr Sheila Carter!!!!!! Why can't she come back and burry Quinn six feet under for good?? :-D

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