quinn's description of the logans was spot on (General Discussion)

by rain4 @, Monday, April 15, 2019, 8:49PM (93 days ago) @ pbfan123

Quinn is really the last person who gets to judge people. The Logans have never done anything to her.

Quinn destroyed Brooke and Ridge's wedding in Australia, she had an affair with Brooke's fiancee the day before the wedding. She was mean to Katie and dragged her out of her own bed, and threatened her. When she first came, she was a bully to Donna, more lately she threatened to destroy her in the kitchen. She repeatedly sabotaged Hope's happiness with Liam, threatened to kill her and caused her to lose her baby. The fact that she has something negative to say about the Loagans is absolutely laughable. And proves that she is the biggest hypocrite of them

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