8071 SPOILERS re Shauna, Flo and Quinn (Spoilers)

by BoldMarco, Monday, April 15, 2019, 7:16PM (95 days ago)

When Flo tells Shauna the truth, and says she can’t live with this information anymore and has to tell Hope, Shauna asks her to give her some time to speak to Quinn to see what she thinks.

The specifics are not brought up with Quinn at the Forrester office, however Flo’s past having “done some things” are. Quinn poo poos that thought saying she’s made some very bad choices personally, and all is well for her as a Forrester.

“Flo’s a Logan, she’s part of the Forrester family”.

Quinn thoroughly recommends that Shauna keep the past in the past, that Eric forgave her and once you’re a Forrester it becomes life changing...

With the seeds of deception now inadvertently planted by Quinn, Shauna heads to the flat and tells Flo that even though it’s eating away at her, she’ll go to jail if she does, so she cannot tell anyone the truth!

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