What if Steffy finds out that Phoebe is really Beth... (General Discussion)

by IW, Monday, April 15, 2019, 2:00PM (96 days ago) @ Drangonfly

...and doesn't say anything for a while?

I believe Steffy is going to do the right thing and give Beth back to Hope and Liam when all is said and done. I have no doubt about that. But what if it doesn't happen right away? It could turn out that she'll find out before everyone else does, panic will set in, and she'll keep it to herself for awhile because she doesn't want to give her up.

It's not entirely unfeasible. Would Bell go there? :oh

Any character who finds out and doesn't come clean IMMEDIATELY will be ruined entirely, permanently and with no coming back. Whether it is Steffy or someone else. This is why I'm disappointed Shauna is going to learn and decide to keep the secret. I feel bad for the beautiful Denise Richards. Her character just got on canvas, and she is already portryed as a sick monster, like her daughter. They should have sent Zoe to London for good, Shauna should have been kept in the dark, and nobody else should find out. One spiteful baby snatcher on canvas is bad enough. How many other characters will Bell permanently ruin, before the reveal? As much as I loathe Steffy, I wouldn't even wish that on her.


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