So what did Sally have to apologize for? (General Discussion)

by l.c @, Friday, March 15, 2019, 2:54PM (71 days ago) @ TeamWivyQueric

In real life, I would agree. But if Liam could take Steffy back Steffy after she slept with his dad, Katie could take Bill back after he got her sister pregnant, Deacon still begged Quinn after she annulled her marriage and pushed him off a cliff, I think Sally will take Thomas back in a heartbeat (if he wants her). They weren't married, it's not like he broke vows. He didn't cheat on her either. This is B&B and if he decides he wants her back, I doubt he will have to fight hard. The fact that she apologized to him and the way she was looking at him today, shows me that she has already forgiven him and still cares about him.

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