Scott Clifton’s reply to a frustrated fan (General Discussion)

by JFK, Friday, March 15, 2019, 2:38PM (71 days ago) @ theduchess

A fan asked why the writers don’t listen to fans and put Beth back with Hope.

Scott replied

The writers know what you want. But sometimes what fans want doesn’t make for good storytelling.

Art and literature isn’t about making your favorite characters happy; it’s about making you, the audience, *feel* something.

And in this case, it’s clearly working!

Do you agree or disagree?

At first it made me feel something... But at this point I am only annoyed by this SL... Well, still a feeling I guess, but I am not interested in it anymore. They are beating a dead horse.

but if you are still willing to post and discuss the story, even though you are annoyed with it, that still signals an interest


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