Scott Clifton’s reply to a frustrated fan (General Discussion)

by Curiosity12, Friday, March 15, 2019, 2:10PM (70 days ago) @ Kasey38

Doesn't a good story pull viewers in, not push them away? I would go for the ratings. People know what they want to watch. The baby story is dying out...people are tired of it.

The storyline could have been compelling if well written and developed. But it wasn't. And having Steffy adopt the baby was a plot point that should have never happened. It was absurd to begin with. They should have chosen somebody else.

The other problem is that this storyline isn't going anywhere. It would probably be somewhat more enjoyable if it was actually moving along, somebody growing suspicious, investigating Reese or overhearing something they shouldn't have. In other words, slowly but surely moving towards a conclusion. But the only thing we have is Flo pretending she wants to confess and then changing her mind and I expect this is what we will get in the next couple of weeks and months until JMW returns from maternity leave.

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