Scott Clifton’s reply to a frustrated fan (General Discussion)

by Curiosity12, Friday, March 15, 2019, 1:42PM (71 days ago) @ mutzi

A fan asked why the writers don’t listen to fans and put Beth back with Hope.

Scott replied

The writers know what you want. But sometimes what fans want doesn’t make for good storytelling.

Art and literature isn’t about making your favorite characters happy; it’s about making you, the audience, *feel* something.

And in this case, it’s clearly working!

Do you agree or disagree?

I disagree with him on a couple of counts:

I don't believe that what B&B really wants viewers to feel is disgust coupled with disinterest in their show. At the conclusion of a story's arc, whether you like or dislike a character, you should feel some sense of completion and resollution. With B&B, it is more often "thank goodness that story line is over, hope next one will be better."

While there may be a great deal of "art and literature" in TV and movies, B&B does not qualify as art or literature. It is pulp for the masses and I don't mean that as a slur. I read many cozy mysteries which are also pulp for the masses, but are not art or literature either.

Haha, regarding "thank goodness that story line is over, hope next one will be better"- so true but usually it is actually followed by something worse. I mean I thought Bill stalking Steffy was god awful but it was then followed by Bill stalking Brooke and little did I know we were about to get the baby switch. :lol if the writers intend to go there with Thomas and Hope as a plot point for Liam to reunite with Steffy then I can safely say the trend continues.

And yes, B&B is neither art nor literature even if it occasionally may contain some forms of art.

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